Can Air Duct Cleaning lower my Summer Energy Costs?

Can air duct cleaning lower my energy bills?

Summer is here and with the pleasant arrival of summer comes warm weather, clear blue skies, trips to the beach, vacations, and higher energy bills due to the use of air conditioning equipment and systems. These days, as the cost of energy seems to continuously rise, as with everything else in the economy, people everywhere are looking for ways to save on anything, particularly with energy. So if you’re wondering whether or not air duct cleaning can lower your energy bills, you’ll be excited to learn that it can.

How does air duct cleaning work?

When your air ducts are professionally cleaned you can expect a full service cleaning to include:

  • Supply, Intake and Return Ducts Throughout the Entire Home
  • HVAC system parts which include the coils, air handler, motors, registers, fans, grilles, and housings.

These systems will be cleaned with tools that include specialized blowers, vacuums and brushes. The entire process could take up to three hours or more. The time it takes will vary depending upon the condition of the duct system and HVAC system.

How can air duct cleaning lower my energy bills?

When the air ducts of your home are dirty this makes your heating and cooling system work harder to do its job, which means that it runs inefficiently. The contaminants in a dirty system are what cause it to work harder. This can also shorten the life of your HVAC system. The system still gets dirty even when you routinely change the filter.

It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that homeowners waste an astonishing 25-40% of energy due to inefficient heating and cooling systems. If the system is clean, it works effortlessly to run and therefore is more efficient, which lowers your bills drastically.

What are some other benefits of having my air ducts cleaned?

Having the air ducts of your home cleaned regularly can improve indoor air quality. This is particularly important if anyone in the home suffers with any type of respiratory illness, autoimmune disorder, or allergies. By keeping the system clean, you’ll reduce or eliminate indoor and outdoor allergens from within the home.

Every day, contaminants such as dust, pet dander, chemicals, pollen, and air pollutants are generated within a home. So it’s only natural that over time if your home’s air ducts are not cleaned, these contaminants eventually build-up causing problems to health and to your energy bills. One of the biggest problems of dirty air ducts is when mold growth occurs.

How do I know when I should have the air ducts in my home cleaned?

You should consider having the air ducts to your home cleaned if they have never been cleaned or if it’s been years since they’ve been cleaned and people within your home who suffer from allergies, respiratory illness, or autoimmune disorders are suffering. You should also consider having them cleaned if there are visible signs of mold within the system.

It is recommended to have the air ducts in your home cleaned every 3-7 years for optimum results once the system has been cleaned thoroughly. There is some controversy on whether or not this type of service is necessary but it’s really a no-brainer when you think about it.

Allergens and contaminants in the air affect people who suffer with allergies, respiratory illness and autoimmune disorders. So if your heating and cooling system’s ductwork is loaded with dust and other allergens or contaminants all of those allergens and contaminants are tossed throughout the air in your home. This then affects the air’s quality and the health of those who suffer with health issues.

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