Dryer Fire Prevention Tips From Chief Tittle

“It’s Just a Dryer – What’s the Big Deal?”

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our clothes dryer – it’s just something we use – nothing to be concerned about. However, Fire Chief Tittle of Lewisville, Texas, tells us that type of attitude can be risky.

A Dryer Gone Bad in Lewisville Texas

Chief recalls a particular call to an apartment complex. A dryer on the 2nd floor was on fire, sending clouds of smoke billowing out of the apartment building. Fire trucks were dispatched to put out the dryer fire in the apartment complex.

Safety Tips from the Chief

Chief Tittle gives these practical safety tips for preventing dryer fires in your home:

  • Clean your screens: Keep your lint screens free of build up between loads.
  • Inspect behind and below your dryer: Every year, at the very least, pull dryer away from wall and clean out lint in back and underneath dryer
  • Check your entire vent system for good airflow: Make sure the vent system – from your dryer all the way to the outside is moving air freely to prevent dangerous heat build up.
  • Don’t leave home with your dryer running: Never use your dryer unless you are at home and able to be observant and aware of any problems.

Chief Tittle Speaking to His Community

The City of Lewisville uploads community videos to its YouTube channel, including this story by Lewisville Fire Department Chief Tittle, letting people know about the local dryer fire and how to prevent a similar occurrence in their own homes.

All’s Well that Ends Well

Firefighter Darren Murray reports on what happened after he and his crews arrived.
This dryer fire ended up being contained with little lasting damage. Hats off to the firefighters!

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