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If you’re repairing or remodeling a home or commercial building, there’s an endless list of things to consider. But there’s one that most people overlook: Cleaning out the air ducts of the heating and air conditioning system. As a result, many go for years on end without being cleaned.

You Might Be Surprised By What You See

If you were to take a look inside those air ducts, you’d probably be shocked and disgusted at what you found. They could be harboring layers of dust, pollen, and bacteria. Even more alarming, your ductwork can also contain disease-carrying rodent and insect feces and even small dead animals that got in through unrepaired cracks or holes in the ducting.
Perhaps you’ve noticed your allergies getting worse every year. Or seen dust particles in the air. That could mean you need the services of a reliable company providing Temecula air duct cleaning. Fresh Air Ducts is the area’s leading duct cleaner – we have expertise that our customers depend upon.

The Fresh Air Difference

Cleaning out the air ducts requires more than just blowing everything out of the duct (and into your home or business!). At Fresh Air Ducts, we use powerful negative air machines to clean and sanitize your ductwork. Nothing is blown into the air that you breathe.
Contact us and make an appointment to have Fresh Air clean your air ducts.

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