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Ever since air quality has become a hot button issue with the media, air duct cleaning companies have begun coming out of the woodwork. Some are fly-by-night companies that simply connect a large fan to the ducts and shoot the dust, mold, rodent feces and insect bodies out of the duct and into your home or office! They don’t really clean the ducts – they just allow everything to recirculate again. We provide a full air duct cleaning.
Fresh Air has been around for a long time and we use a tried and true method to clean and remove the particulates inside your ducts. Negative air pressure sucks everything in the ducts into a containment unit to safely remove from your home or office.Negative-Air-Machine-350x-350x250
If you’re thinking about having your ducts cleaned, contact Fresh Air and set up an appointment.

Check Out Our Other Services As Well

While using the leading San Diego air duct cleaning experts, why not check out some of our other services?

  • Do you have a dryer duct that hasn’t been cleaned? This could be a potential fire hazard as lint clogs the duct and heats up. Not to mention the wasted energy of running the dryer for longer than one cycle.
  • Do you like to spend time in front of the fireplace or use a wood burning stove? The wood creates solid by products when burned and can quickly gather and clog your chimney. Fresh Air specializes in professional chimney cleaning.

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