San Diego Air Quality: Yet Another Reason To Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Anyone living in the area knows that San Diego air quality is among the worst in the nation. While the city is cleaning its act up, particulates and ozone from highways and shipping are trapped by the geography making significant cleanup efforts difficult. The mountains form a pocket that literally keeps the bad air in. To maintain health, people with chronic lung conditions are encouraged to stay inside. But what happens when the indoor air quality is worse than the outside?

Indoor San Diego Air Quality

To improve the quality of air inside your home, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that home be well ventilated to reduce the harmful effects of potentially dangerous toxins that can concentrate within a home. Those toxins can include biological materials, such as molds that live inside the home, as well as heavy particulates and ozone from the surrounding area.

In fact, unless steps are taken to correct the problems, indoor San Diego air quality can be three to five times worse that the air outside the home. San Diego residents run the risk of substantially lowering the indoor air quality of their homes when toxins that enter from the surrounding high pollution environment are unable to leave the home and become concentrated inside. Those outdoor toxins find their way into homes by accumulating in dirty indoor air ducts.

An EPA study found that the majority of people now spend 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, that indoor air is likely to be more polluted than the air outside. The lower San Diego air quality means that area residents must take steps to improve the quality of indoor air.

Simple Ways to Improve Interior San Diego Air Quality

Keep in mind that San Diego residents are most likely to experience adverse health affects when their interior living spaces contain molds, heavy concentrations of ozone, and/or particulates in the air. A well-ventilated home is the single most important step to keep indoor air quality at safe levels.

To improve indoor air quality, home owners must add the following to their to-do list:

  1. Stop smoking inside the home immediately. The tars and nicotines are a toxic environmental bomb.
  2. Install an ozone filter. To help keep ozone levels in your home, be aware than machinery such as computers and printers contribute high levels of ozone to their local environment. Turn off these devices when not in use to keep your indoor air quality cleaner.
  3. Have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Dirt, dust, and other debris builds up in ducts when they are not in regular use. Once the season changes and there is regular air flow through them once again, the toxins and particulates that have entered your home and settled in your ducts are on the move and you are in danger of breathing them in.
  4. Service your air conditioning system on a regular basis. This includes filters as well as cleaning. Air conditioning systems provide a good local environment for molds, which rapidly destroy indoor air quality.

Improvements in local San Diego air quality are underway, but these advances will take time and a deep commitment to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels in the region. In order to keep your family safe and healthy for the long term, you must take steps to ensure that the indoor air is clean.

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