San Diego and Temecula Air Duct Cleaning

San Diego and Temecula: Air Duct Cleaning does more than keep your air handling equipment running at top efficiency – it also minimizes the danger of unwanted toxins in your building’s air supply.

Undesirable Indoor Pollutants

Dust And Debris

Dust and debris is everywhere in the environment, and normally causes no damage, because there’s only a very small quantity in the air supply. However, when your air duct system isn’t properly maintained, a build up can occur, causing your system to pump out air containing too much dust, including pollen and other debris. Air Duct cleaning takes care of this problem.

Particulates from Everyday Equipment and Supplies

Scientists have found that when located together within a confined area, supposedly harmless equipment and materials can emit pollutants strong enough to have a noticeable effect on residents or workers.
Examples include:

  • cleaning supplies
  • carpets
  • insulation
  • electrical equipment
  • copy machines and printers

Cigarette Smoke

We all now understand the concept of “second hand smoke”. It’s the job of the HVAC system to make sure that cigarette smoke is not endangering the building inhabitants.

Mold And Fungi

Mold is perhaps the most harmful toxin found commonly in air ducts. The infamous Legionnaire’s disease outbreak demonstrated the power of unseen molds and fungi to cause harm to building inhabitants

Insect And Rodent Feces

If your air handling system has any small openings, insects and possibly rodents can enter into the interior of your air ducting. These unwanted visitors can leave behind feces, which can release toxins that may then be distributed throughout the building. Consult a professional air duct cleaner

Fresh Air has the Solution

Contact the experts at Fresh Air today for your Temecula air duct cleaning.
Our state of the art equipment addresses every type of indoor air pollutant.

San Diego and Temecula Air Duct Cleaning
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