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Why Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

If your duct system isn’t properly installed and maintained, the ducts or other components may be exposed to dust, debris, and pollen. In addition to this, if water is present, there is a hazard of unfriendly microbial growth (for example, mold).
It makes sense to think that if you have a furnace, and it is transporting warm air all around your house, you want the walls of the ducting it’s flowing through to be clean.
It’s critical that all components of your warm air system be cleaned – not just the ducting. If only a partial cleaning is done, and one component remains contaminated, then the trouble can be carried to the rest of the system, and to the interior of your home.

Check Your Furnace Ducts

You may be wondering how you can know if you need to get your ducts cleaned. Here’s a visual check that you can do. Although not equivalent to a comprehensive inspection, it often gives a “heads up” on the amount of accumulation within your ducts.

  • Remove your registers and grilles.
  • Clean inside them to the extent that you are able.
  • Then take a flashlight and a mirror and check out the rest of the ducting.
  • If you have an accumulation of dust and debris further in than you can reach, then have your ducts cleaned by a reputable firm.

Contact the Experts at Fresh Air

If you need to make sure your system is sealed properly, call Fresh Air– a professional air duct cleaning company in the greater San Diego & Temecula area.

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