Danny (of the Fresh Air company) has invested in equipment which keeps the rooms from getting covered in filth that comes out of the vents in the cleaning process. During the cleaning process, I felt my ability to breathe improve twice. I think if a lot more time had gone by, I’d have had more trouble breathing. The previous homeowners left their windows open all the time and had a dog which shed a lot. The vents definitely needed the cleaning. We were experiencing, at unpredictable times, a nauseating smell which resembled wet dog hair or a dead mouse. It’s still not clear whether the smell was partly due to a natural gas additive or the irrigation that’s done outside, since I have smelled it at the street corner and it didn’t completely go away. However, now, when whiffs of the odor recur, they pass away quickly, because air moves much more easily through the vents. This should also help the house stay cooler or warmer more easily when the fan, air conditioner, and heater run.

Christopher S., Escondido

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