Tips For San Diego Air Duct Cleaning: Your Coils Need Attention

Keep Your HVAC System Dust Free – Just Like The Inside of Your Home

Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system keeps your indoor environmental comfortable all year round. The system of air ducts transports the temperature-controlled air throughout your home, and if all is well, provides not only thermal comfort but also good indoor air quality.

Fresh Air Ducts offers inspection and cleaning of your air duct systems. Professional San Diego and Temecula air duct cleaning doesn’t stop at just the air ducts themselves. It’s critical to clean all the components of your system, and that’s exactly what we do.

Making sure your cooling coil is clean and working properly is an important part of a quality cleaning.

What is the Cooling Coil?

A cooling coil is a type of device engineers use called a heat exchanger. As the fluid substance moves round and round through the coil, it’s exposed to the temperature of the air outside the coil, and thus cools down. It works on the same principal as the radiator in your car. Heat loss is maximized through the relatively large surface area of the coil within a small-sized space.

Tip: Checking the State of Your Coil

How do you know you have a clean coil? Visually check to make sure that both sides of the coil are obviously clean. Also, shine a flashlight at the cooling coil. If it is clean, light should shine through to the other side.

Your cooling coil is able to do a good job when its fins are in good shape. Look carefully at the coil fins (the parts that stick up and away from the tubing carrying the fluid) and see if they are straight and spaced evenly apart. They shouldn’t be bent over or pushed together.
While you’re at it, check the drain pan for the coil, too. It should be completely clean and it should be draining when it fills with liquid.

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