Why Does My House Smell Funny? – Signs You May Need Your Ducts Cleaned

A number of factors inspire homeowners to properly maintain their homes.  This includes having a healthy and safe environment for their loved ones, keeping their home looking good, preserving their home’s value and preventing costly repairs.  Of course, the safety and health of your family is the most important of all.  The benefits of professional air duct cleaning make it important enough to include in routine maintenance for your home.  The health hazards that result from dirty San Diego air ducts make it crucial to have them professionally cleaned.

Most people want their HVAC system serviced regularly because if their air conditioner breaks down, their home is extremely uncomfortable, and replacing the air conditioner is a major expense.  Servicing your HVAC unit is vital to keep it operating efficiently.  This includes having the coils, heat exchangers, fans and drains professionally cleaned.  Cleaning these parts can result in debris, allergens, dust and mold getting inside your air ducts.  Consequently, these can be released inside your home.  For this reason, it is essential to have professionals clean your air ducts when you have your heating or cooling system cleaned.

There are more benefits of having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

  1. Health Hazards and Air Quality – Most people know that professional air duct cleaning is essential to maintain healthy air inside their homes.  Dust, pet dander, pollen, allergens and toxins such as rodent droppings, mold and mildew are often found inside air ducts.  If the air ducts aren’t cleaned out, these dangerous particles can be released inside your home.  Even if those living in your home don’t have allergies, these dangerous particles have the potential to cause dangerous illnesses.
  2. Allergies – If you have family members with allergies, a regular schedule of duct cleaning is necessary to provide an environment that is healthy for allergy sufferers.  Having the air ducts cleaned significantly reduces allergens inside the home.
  3. Removing Odors – If you have musty odors inside of your home, it could mean that mildew, mold and dust are present in the air ducts.  No amount of candles or air fresheners will eliminate these odors.  Only professional air duct cleaning will get rid of the odors and smell completely.
  4. Cost Savings – The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that when you have just a small amount of dust removed from your air ducts, you will reduce your energy usage up to 22 percent.  This saves you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Along with having the air ducts cleaned regularly, you should have them professionally cleaned if you have an event where water enters your ducts through a leaking roof or leaking water pipe.  If you experience a flood in your area, a nearby fire, if mold was found during a service call on your air conditioning unit or if rodents are found inside the air ducts, you should have them professionally cleaned.

If you have unknown odors in your home or feel that your air ducts should be professionally cleaned, contact us at Fresh Air by calling 800-980-2777, email us freshairduct@live.com or visit us at www.freshairducts.net.  Don’t risk your health or the health of those living in your home.  Call us now for professional San Diego air ducts cleaning today.

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