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Dryer Vents Are Often Neglected In Routine Cleaning

You probably have a cleaning routine that you have developed over the years. You may clean the tops of the ceiling fan every few months. You might clean under the couches once a month, or behind the refrigerator every six months. When was the last time you cleaned your dryer vents? Clogged dryer vents can cause many problems, including:

  • Fire Hazard – Clogged vents can catch fire because not only is lint very flammable, but also because the lack of airflow causes it to heat up quickly.
  • Energy Waste – The decreased airflow causes the dryer to work harder and longer. This means you are using more gas and electricity to dry the clothes and that cost money and hurts the environment.
  • Wear and Tear – Since it takes longer to dry the clothes, the clothes are tumbling longer. Over time, this takes a toll on your clothes and lead to early replacement.

Dryer vents are often neglected, but you can have Fresh Air professionally clean your dryer vents, so you never have to worry about these problems. It’s estimated that dryer vents cause 15,000 fires each year, and that most could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

How We Clean Your Dryer Vents

Fresh Air Ducts uses both a vacuum and brush to get into the nooks and crannies of the ducts and make sure lint is removed. We connect a vacuum at one end to suck the lint through, and then push a special broom at the other end to help it on its way.
This is an effective method of cleaning dryer vents. We also clean the flexible hose that connect the dryer to the wall as well. Call us today and find our more about our dryer vent cleaning or to make an appointment.

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