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How To Clean A Chimney

It's too bad we don't really have the mythical chimney sweeper that magically visits all of our homes in a Santa Claus like fashion and taking care of all of our chimney's needs. Unfortunately that is just mythology. The reality looks a little different. We, at Fresh Air, know how to get the job done…
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Angie’s List Advice: Cleaning Dryer Vents

Cleaning Dryer Vents is Important for Fire Prevention Lint and other dryer buildup can cause huge problems. In fact, Angie Hicks, Angie's List founder, reports in her YouTube video that an incredible number of houses catch fire because of this very problem (over 15,000 every year). She says one good way to prevent your house from becoming…
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Air Duct Cleaning – Why And How It’s Done

The current research being conducted by the EPA exudes a dubiously hesitant attitude regarding the correlation between cleaning your ducts and improving your health. Because their own research is still in the beginning phase, they tend to be highly skeptical about the amount of homes that actually need duct cleaning, suggesting that many people who…
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Dryer Vent Cleaning San Diego Experts – Fresh Air

Dryer Vents Are Often Neglected In Routine Cleaning You probably have a cleaning routine that you have developed over the years. You may clean the tops of the ceiling fan every few months. You might clean under the couches once a month, or behind the refrigerator every six months. When was the last time you…
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