Air Duct Cleaning – Why And How It’s Done

The current research being conducted by the EPA exudes a dubiously hesitant attitude regarding the correlation between cleaning your ducts and improving your health. Because their own research is still in the beginning phase, they tend to be highly skeptical about the amount of homes that actually need duct cleaning, suggesting that many people who think they need their ducts cleaned may not truly need it, health-wise.

Nevertheless, in an era of preference for fixed scientific statistics, this may be one of many decisions in your life you should probably base on your own logic, intuition, and overall feeling of health.

Anyone who has ever experienced the misery caused by a moldy, dirty, and dust mite-filled duct system knows the health hazard they pose empirically, as they have dealt with the repercussions from filthy air ducts first hand, such as:

  • Not being able to breathe
  • Bad smell
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Headaches

Bottom line – living with a filthy duct isn’t a fun thing to experience, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals and allergies. To make it worse, for many, they feel powerless to fix the problem.

But the problem is fixable; you just need to make sure you are dealing with a licensed professional, like Fresh Air who offers air duct cleaning in San Diego and Temecula area. Otherwise, you might fall victim to what they call a “blow and go”, which does little do improve the health hazard issues, if not sometimes making them worse.

Here is how the process of a professional duct cleaning works:

  • Step One: Air Duct System is Cleaned with Proper Equipment
  • Step Two: Time to See What Was Inside Your Air Ducts
  • Step Three: Vacuum System is Detached and Professionally Sealed

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