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Clothes dryers are such ordinary everyday appliances. We don’t usually think about them beyond the occasional “Oops, I forgot to take my clothes out of the dryer”.

But a more appropriate thought might be: “Oops, I forgot to take the lint out of my dryer vent system.” As we explain on our Dryer Duct Cleaning page, lint that collects in your dryer vents can cause a building fire.

How it Works

When the staff from Fresh Air takes care of your dryer cleaning, it’s not just that flexible hose connecting your dryer to the wall that we’re concerned with.

A good dryer vent cleaning must include the ducting that’s inside your walls. It’s harder to reach, but it’s just as capable of starting a fire. With our specialized equipment we brush and vacuum your entire vent system, providing your dryer with an exit path that’s “clean and clear”.

Talk to the Professionals

  • We’re professionals at dryer duct cleaning.
  • We’ve been in business cleaning air duct systems since 1997.
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We service many commercial clients in the San Diego area.

Increased Efficiency

If lint isn’t clogging up the vent path, air exiting from a dryer flows out easily. But if lint has built up, the dryer must use extra electrical power to push the air out past the lint.

Having a clean vent system increases the efficiency of your clothes dryer, and this increased efficiency translates to a lower electric bill for you.

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