When do I need my home air ducts cleaned?

The question is, how do you know when you should clean the ducts in your home?

There is in stone answer to this as to the frequency in which you should do this as home conditions and the homes environment differ from home to home. That can be based on how many people are living in the home, are there any pets in the home. how often the home is cleaned as well as the condition of the air, filters, windows, doors, vents and so on.

The air conditioning and heating system in your home will accumulate dust and contamination over time. A dusty register is not an immediate sign your ducts need cleaning, nor is a quick visual inspection of the ductwork closest to your wall and floor vents an adequate way to assess the level of contaminant within. Only through a professional duct inspection that produces digital images of the inside of your HVAC system will you get an accurate picture of the kind of dusty build-up forming on the inside of your ductwork.

There are some signs that you may have an air quality or environmental problem in your home. If residents of your home experience unusual or chronic symptoms or unexpected illnesses related to breathing, you may have an air quality issue. Conversely, if you have someone already living with asthma, allergies or hay fever, cleaner air circulating in the home might actually help to reduce their symptoms and suffering. The bottom line is, there is ample evidence to suggest that air ducts do get dirty over time, and periodic professional duct cleaning is a good way to ensure you have cleaner air flowing through your home.

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