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When do I need my home air ducts cleaned?

The question is, how do you know when you should clean the ducts in your home? There is in stone answer to this as to the frequency in which you should do this as home conditions and the homes environment differ from home to home. That can be based on how many people are living…
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Air Duct Cleaning – Why And How It’s Done

The current research being conducted by the EPA exudes a dubiously hesitant attitude regarding the correlation between cleaning your ducts and improving your health. Because their own research is still in the beginning phase, they tend to be highly skeptical about the amount of homes that actually need duct cleaning, suggesting that many people who…
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For Professional San Diego Duct Cleaning: Call Fresh Air

Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned? If you feel that the air quality in your building is not adequate, or you suspect that the air ducts may be contaminated by air born particulates, it's best to call in a professional San Diego duct cleaning company. Who to Choose? There are many companies that service air ducts.…
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Strange Things Found In Air Ducts

The older a home’s air duct system is, the more time it has to accumulate not just dirt, mold, and allergens inside it, but also all kinds of interesting household items. For example, some reported notables include: Shoes Silverware Nails Fruit Books Owner Bob Sands, of Sands Heating and Air (Cleveland, Georgia) says he’s seen…
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