San Diego Duct Cleaning – Do You Need It?

How do you know when you need San Diego duct cleaning? Air ducts for heating and air conditioning systems are cleaned in order to eliminate:

  • obstructions that have built up in the ducts.
  • vermin and the deposits they leave behind
  • mold

Signs and Symptoms

You may notice that it takes more dusting and sweeping than normal to keep your home clean, or that your supply registers aren’t pushing out much air, or are showing a build-up of dust and debris that’s coming from within the system. Or you may experience recurring headaches or sinus problems, or simply feel sick too often for no known cause. When any of these signs and symptoms occur, it’s a good idea to have your air ducts inspected.

What You Can Do

In general, HVAC ducts need very little homeowner maintenance. It is important, however, that you keep two things clean: your return air registers (so they won’t be sucking dirt and dust into the system), and your filter.

Time for the Pros

If you have a problem, and you know it’s not due to dirty return air registers or a filter that needs replacing, then it’s time to call in the professionals. Don’t waste your time and money on inexperienced service providers who don’t know how to follow correct duct cleaning procedures. They can actually cause indoor air problems!

If they use a vacuum system that isn’t powerful enough, they can release more dust and dirt into the ducts than you had previously. If they don’t know how to work around heating and air conditioning systems, they can do damage to your sensitive equipment.
At Fresh Air Ducts, we clean your air ducts safely and effectively.

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