How To Know If It Is Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

Filthy air ducts can cause health problems. If you catch yourself having respiratory, sinus, or allergic reactions, it helps to know the telltale signs of needing to get your air ducts cleaned.

First Thing’s First: Open Vent and Check with Flashlight

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If you take this first easy step, you have one indicator about the general condition of your air duct system.

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Three Bad Signs

Here are three common warning signs for filthy ducts:

  • Visible Excessive DebrisBefore After Air Duct 250x250
  • Clear Signs of Vermin/Rodents
  • Clear Signs of Substantial Mold Growth

These three warning signs are acknowledged and agreed upon by the EPA, even though they clearly state that research on the correlation between air ducts and health is in its early phase. Early phase of formal scientific results or not, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that breathing any or all of these three things on a daily basis is bad for one’s health. Anyone who has experienced the repercussions from them can attest to this.

The Consensus

Multiple sources also reiterate the same general warning signs, and the same common sense way of discovering their existence. For example, this Angies List article – written specifically about how to know when to clean your air ducts – recognizes the same three signs, listing first debris (and pet dander or hair buildup), second mold, and third rodents.
If you see any of the big three and live in the greater San Diego area, contact the professionals to get your duct system professionally cleaned the right way.

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