San Diego Chimney Sweeps: A little History

chimney sweep cleaning San Diego and Temecula CADid you ever wonder about all those chimneys that dot the roofs of our homes and factories? They are as crucial to our industrial culture as our automobiles, but we hardly notice them in our day-to-day lives.

A Little Draft Goes a Long way

Initially, chimneys served only to allow smoke from an open fire out of a building. As our understanding grew, we began taking advantage of chimneys to provide a draft for the fire itself. When there is a vertical column of hot gases, the pressure difference between the top and bottom forces the hottest gas out the top and draws in fresh, cooler air in at the bottom. This keeps the combustion process going, as it draws in new oxygen for the fire.
So, the “fire with chimney” system spread, and was used in larger buildings to provide heat and comfort in more than one room, and in process plants and factories to produce heat to make all kinds of things.

Incomplete Combustion Means a Dirty Chimney

Unfortunately, the down side of hot gases flowing through a chimney is that over time, the chimney walls gets coated with ash, soot and creosote. The less efficient the burning process is, the more your chimney is encrusted with this “gunk”, which is the product of incomplete combustion. This stuff is flammable, and after some time creates a fire hazard. Home and factory owners soon discovered the need to clean out their chimneys periodically.

Thus, a new occupation was created: the chimney sweep, and it’s with us still today. Although the tools have changed, the job is still the same; clean out those chimneys!

Professional Chimney Cleaning from Fresh Air Ducts

Let Fresh Air Ducts be your San Diego chimney sweep. We understand chimneys; we know how to keep them safe, and have been doing so since 1997.

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